Company creates stylish furniture for human and dog to live together happily

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The EQO Collection, from MOMANT, comprises credenzas, benches, ottomans, tables and daybeds in mid-century designs. According to a press release, it was also designed to meet the needs of both human and dog.

Those shopping for the furniture can find a pet bed or pet enclosure option that is right for their dog. On their website, MOMANT employs two proprietary algorithms to find “the perfect fit for pets.” One algorithm recommends the most supportive pet bed and a second suggests the best furniture enclosures from pet data captured online. While not fully automated yet, the company returns best options via email quickly.

The furniture is also meant to be stylish but functional, or, as the MOMANT website descirbes it, “Bauhaus meets Biomimicry.” MOMANT® studio design team studied both canine and modern living needs, then honed in on basics – clean, smart, and simple, with better sleep, states the release.

Puppies need 18 hours of sleep a day, so you only need to manage six active hours,” says Rosalind Marinou, MOMANT’s founder in the press release. “Start with good sleeping habits and an awake schedule and you’ll have a healthy, balanced animal and lifestyle.”

She added that the furniture enclosure adds a sense of safety without losing connection because dogs can see out perfectly from behind the carved camouflage. What’s more, dogs can be confined to prevent the possibility of accidental contact with toxins. Toxins at home caused over 100,000 vet visits at an average cost of $1,000+ each in 2018, according to the ASPCA.

Table with enclosure for dog

“Simply slide the doors closed when pups are unattended to keep them safe from dangers at home,” Marinou relates. “They’re comfortable.”

MOMANT is also serious about sustainability, notes the press release. The collection is built without deforestation, metals or toxins. It carries rare FSC® Chain of Custody certification, tracing woods from forest to customers’ doors. Each piece is personalized, custom built and arrives with a dossier of its story, certifications and impacts.

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