Company develops Smart Cat Wheel to help kitties keep in shape

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If you’re concerned your cat is putting on a few extra pounds, you might find information about The Little Cat’s Cat Wheel, a cat exercise wheel, to be of interest.

The wheel, like it sounds, is sort of like a giant, (but technologically smart) hamster wheel for cats.

According to a press release from The Little Cat, Smart Cat Wheel is the only premium exercise device for the cat’s health in the world. You can see it in action in this short video from thelittlecat on youtube:

The Little Cat was established in 2017 to research and develop pet service products and contribute to pet’s health, according to the press release.

The release also relates that The Cat Wheel was developed based on CEO Kim Dae-young’s personal experience of raising obese cats and the ideas for managing pet’s health by the company staff. The company focused on weight management through accurate data information.

The Cat Wheel connects to a smartphone app to manage the health of the pets who need systematic weight management and pets with health problems due to too much or too little activity.

So, how do you convince kitty that it’s time to get in shape using this “personal trainer”?

According to the press release, there’s an LED strip inside the wheel circle. When the cat sees the LED strip light controlled by the smartphone, the feline is driven by curiosity (hunting instinct) to start exercising on the cat wheel.

As kitty works out, data on the distance and calorie consumption are transmitted and indicated on the smartphone, so the pet owners can check the daily, weekly, and monthly exercise information on the smartphone.

The Little Cat has been focusing on entering the overseas markets from the product development stage and participated in global pet trade shows and CES to continue to promote its technology. The Little Cat officially launched the product in February 2020 and started exporting to overseas, resulting in exporting products to Japan, Thailand, and Dubai.

Due to cancellation and delay of overseas trade show and other restrictions, The Little Cat is making overseas branches in the U.S. and Europe, meeting buyers in non-face-to-face method for market pioneering, and running YouTube channel and social media.

The Little Cat is based in Pangyo in a Tech Hub where more than 1,200 companies in IT, CT, and BT sectors with innovative products and technologies are gathered, according to the press release.

For more about how the The Little Cat Cat Wheel works, check out this video from theLittleCat on


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