Company may be called War Room, but their rescued kittens and dogs roam together in peace

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When people hear the name “War Room,” their initial thought might be: ‘whoa, that sounds intense.’

And to be sure, War Room’s, an ad company, has a team of ‘DigiNerds’ who work hard strategizing and optimizing advertising campaigns for clients.

But the company also is also a big family that adores furry friends. In fact, they pride themselves on being the most pet-friendly office in Canada.

War Room office dogs love treats and work* alongside their owners.

And dogs in the workplace are more than just fun to have around. According to, Lifelearn Animal Health there are numerous benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace, including:

  • A great boost in office morale
  • Aids in team building
  • Promotes a more active lifestyle
  • No more lonely dogs stuck at home

War Room doesn’t forget about cats either.

CEO, Mike Tyler, has been fostering animals for over 15 years. With a big heart for animals and seeing the positive impact having pets in the workspace has, Mike had an idea: why not foster office kittens, too?

Ever since then, War Room has become a long-term partner with the BCSPCA and a few other kitten rescue organizations.

Some of the kittens come as fearless adventurers, some others take more time to come out of their shell.

During their time at the War Room, the kittens grow and become socialized sweethearts that love people and dogs alike.

The staff form close bonds with the animals, and it’s always tough to say goodbye. But the team is excited that they find forever homes.

One of War Room’s favourite kittens is Enzo. Enzo came to the War Room at just 2 weeks old. They had to teach him to use the litter box. The office was a jungle for him. His routine would be: hop onto desks, cuddle on laps, and show the office pups who’s boss.

Enzo made cameos in meetings and calls on Zoom with clients. Enzo loved all the attention he got.

Mountain Biking Tourism Association ended up adopting him, and now he roams and romps around their office.

The office dogs are rescues, so the office is a safe and relaxed environment for both the cats and dogs to acquaint themselves and build confidence together.


*work for War Room pets means mostly nap and occasionally wandering around for cuddles.


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  1. What a great place! I love that the cats and dogs socialise together too. It must be far less daunting to a cat being brought into a home that already has a dog.

    • That’s a really good point! I know that has usually been an issue whenever I have brought home a cat and they’ve had to adjust to my dogs.

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