Company releases Virtual Reality Dog Training Program

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 Top Tier K9 recently released its Virtual Reality Dog Training Program — an experience enabling shelters, dog trainers and owners to practice training pets and working dogs in a virtual environment.

According to a press release, Top Tier K9’s Academy for Dog Trainers provides professional dog training lessons and support courses in business, project management, sales and marketing.

Through their trademarked Foundation Dog® Program, Top Tier K9 trains working dogs for careers in the military, security, police, sports, service and more. They provide comprehensive obedience, tracking, nosework, and protection training.

Through their programs, Top Tier K9 realized the biggest challenge is training owners. When owners or handlers use the wrong training methods, they can enforce destructive behaviors or incorrect responses from the dog, according to the press release.

Top Tier K9 turned to Saritasa, a leading custom software development, and technology company, to provide their training solutions to the pet industry and build a better communication system between humans and dogs.

Saritasa utilized virtual reality (VR) to achieve this objective. Top Tier K9’s VR dog training platform starts in a 3D-rendered Top Tier K9 training center. The program guides users through putting a collar and leash on a dog. The experience then trains users on the top 5 commands:

  • Sit,
  • Climb,
  • Down,
  • Come,
  • and Heel.

The problem also Yes and No prior to rewarding or correcting the dog. The user must give commands in 1.3-second intervals to mimic the time of attention span of a dog.

The training platform is available to license through Top Tier K9 franchisees, Top Tier K9 certified dog trainers, and participating animal shelters.

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SOURCE Top Tier K9; Saritasa

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