Business touts benefits of mealworms for chickens

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Over the last two years, the number of Americans rearing chickens has increased to around 26 million.

Recent trials conducted by Ÿnsect have shown increased performance on egg size for chickens eating mealworms.

But egg size isn’t the only consideration for those raising chickens. Most chickens live to eat and, for most of them, mealworms are the meal of choice.

Companies that create pet food are taking notice of both the increase in chicken adoptions and the benefits of mealworms, and some are flocking to mealworm production and distribution.

According to a press release, Jord Producers, based in Nebraska, has been incorporated into Ÿnsect’s production portfolio, signifying the global company’s entry into North American mealworm production. The move comes off the back of Ÿnsect‘s introduction to the US market in November 2021.

With the world’s largest vertical insect farm in France, Ÿnsect transforms Buffalo and Molitor mealworms into premium, sustainable ingredients to feed animals, fish, plants and humans. Ÿnsect exports its products worldwide.


The addition of Jord Producers reflects Ÿnsect’s expansion into the US market andtheir entry into the backyard chicken feed market. During the pandemic, the backyard chicken market saw significant growth in America. By 2026, the US market is predicted to reach approximately $400M, according by a recent study by Arthur D. Little.

Also according to the press release, mealworms contain the amino acids chickens (and other livestock) need for optimal development: very high protein content (72% protein), highly digestible, hypoallergenic and the potential to decrease skin diseases.

Antoine Hubert, CEO and Co-Founder of Ÿnsect commented, “We’re very excited to continue establishing our presence in the US, which is a priority market for Ÿnsect as we expand globally. As an impact company, sustainability and support for the environment is at the top of our agenda.”



  1. Yes, true.. My chickens get mealworms often, but not as often as they would probably like, due to the fact that they are a bit expensive compared to chicken feed. If I were braver and had more free time, i’d raise my own mealworms.

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