Real-life hero cow assists police with apprehension of suspect

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heroic cow

Besides providing milk for the family, apparently some cows provide other valuable services.

Michelle Hearn-Berge of California, posted on a Facebook group, Keeping a Family Cow, that police were chasing a man on her property the day before. She had no idea that this was happening until the man was about three or four feet from her.

“I screamed when I saw him and my cow, Opal, that was nearby came running up from behind me and chased him down the hill where the police tackled and arrested him,” Hearn-Berge posted.

She added that, it was scary to think what could have happened if her four-legged protector hadn’t been there.

Opal's property
property where hero cow lives
photo used with permission of Michelle Hearn-Berge

Iā€™m looking forward to many many more years with my friend Opal,” Hearn-Berge said in her post.

And, while a cow assisting with arrest sounds unusual, it seems that many who own family cows are familiar with cows laying down the law when it comes to their property or the people who live on it.

A number of people in the group commented on the post to share stories of their own cow or bull that had acted protectively to protect them from a person or animal.

So criminals beware. That innocent-looking cow might just be sizing you up! And the average, large cow weighs about 800 pounds.

Featured Image: Opal, the hero cow. Used with permission of Michelle Hearn-Berge


  1. Thank you! There used to be some cows up the road from me where I kept my horse. I really liked visiting them. No, I didn’t hear about the bull. Is he still on the lamb?

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