Cute and easy dog tree ornament kit

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I found this dog Christmas tree ornament kit at Dollar General, and, while the holidays are still a bit away, I couldn’t help picking it up.

Besides, it was only $1.

Foam Christmas Activity Kit

The kit includes 5 foam dogs and all the stick-on foam pieces you need to decorate each dog, as well as five pieces of gold string for hanging them. It’s a super easy project and probably took about 15 minutes all together to finish. (It came with instructions, but I barely glanced at them.) The hardest part was probably getting the tiny, white spots that go on the dogs eyes to stick on without them sticking to fingers or ending up in the wrong spot.

Dog ornament pieces

Even though all the pieces are exactly the same, each dog seems to have its own personality. Not too bad for 25 cents an ornament.

Finished dog ornaments

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