DNA pet portraits

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You know your pet is special. But here’s an extra ordinary way to prove it: With a DNA Pet Portrait.

Yes. These days pet DNA isn’t just for testing how closely Fido is related to wolves or whether Fluffy might get kitty diabetes (and let’s hope not!)

One company that provides DNA portraits of pets is DNA Art Gallery.

Here’s a sample from their website:

Dog DNA pet portrait
Dog DNA pet portrait with pet photo included. Photo used with permission of DNA Art Gallery.

The company can create a DNA portraits for dogs, cats and horses — at a cost of $299.00 each.

The process involves receiving a kit and getting a saliva sample (or using a fur sample if the pet is deceased), then mailing the sample to the company, along with a photo of your pet, if you want that included in the DNA portrait. You can also choose the color scheme you want.

Then, there’s a process in the lab, that, according to their website involves stuff like “isolating the DNA from the buccal swab,” and then adding “primers and restriction enzymes to the DNA solution using a modified version of the amplified restriction fragment polymorphism (AFLP) technique, in which we currently hold a pending patent.”

Yeah, we have no idea what that means either. But it sounds cool.

And, finally, the DNA samples go into a “sponge-like” matrix and are separated in order to create an illusion of a pet’s DNA fingerprint that is turned in to the art showing the world what you knew all along — that your pet truly is one-of-a-kind.


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