Do cat ghosts exist? New collection of true stories might convince you that they do

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October is here, and it will be Halloween before we know it. So what better time of year for a ghost story or two?

Fortunately, the recently released “Ghost Cats 2” has plenty of good, but not too scary, ghost stories you can read while snug in your bed or cuddled up on the sofa with a furry friend.

Here’s a short video providing more information about the book:

I got a chance to read this book before it was released because I volunteered to review it.  As a result, I was given a signed copy and a short blurb I wrote about the book is included near the beginning of the book.

"blurbs" for "Ghost Cats 2"

Even though I am admittedly a wimp when it comes to scary books and movies, I found it to be a good read. It  was not so much scary as, overall, a tribute to the human/cat bond and how cats can impact human lives, forming a connection that sometimes manifests in ways that defy explanation. Author, Dusty Rainbolt, compiled this collection of “eye witness accounts” from various cat lovers who described encounters with the ghost of a cat. In some cases, these accounts include visits from beloved former pets. In other instances, the ghost cat’s identity is a mystery.

The end of the book includes a list of places people can visit — if they dare — that are well known for their ghost cat sightings.

The cover is also gorgeously designed, as you can see below:


cover of Ghost Cats 2

Check it out on a cool fall evening. And, if while you’re reading, you feel a little warm indentation on the couch or in the bed next to you, don’t worry. You probably have a curious ghost kitty who wants to read it too; maybe even a special kitty who passed years ago, but who is back to approve your taste in reading materials. And, you might just have a story for a future edition of the “Ghost Cat” series.

“Ghost Cats 2” is available on at the link below:

Happy reading!


  1. The book is definitely a good read, especially if you have had some ghost-cat visitors. 🙂

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