Does your dog need a flu shot too?

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Can dogs get the flu? The answer is yes. A canine influenza outbreak is spreading across the southern U.S., including Tennessee, Texas. South Carolina and Alabama. This dog flu can quickly spread around the world because more people now travel and relocate with their pets.

Therefore, Air Animal is urging all dog parents to vaccinate their dogs against canine influenza, according to a recent press release.

Going to the dog park, the veterinarian, the dog groomer or doggie daycare can expose your dog to canine influenza, relates the press release, which also explains that the flu in dogs is potentially dangerous and very contagious but that it does not currently pose a risk for people.

Dogs who come down with the flu develop fevers and coughs that last one to three weeks. Symptoms include decreased appetite, lethargy and a greenish discharge from the nose and eyes. Some dogs develop higher fevers and pneumonia. Severe dog flu cases can cause death.

There are two types of canine influenza vaccines. People with one or more dogs are encouraged to ask their veterinarian which one is recommended.

  • Zoetis – Vanguard CIV H3N2/H3N8 – 2 vaccinations, 3 weeks apart. Considered fully vaccinated 7 days after the second shot.
  • Merck – Nobivac CIV H3N2/H3N8 – 2 vaccinations, 2 weeks apart. Considered fully vaccinated 14 days after the second shot.

Besides preventative care, the flu shot can be a requirement in some situations, such as when moving to  or visiting certain countries. For example,

New Zealand, Australia and other countries  require dog flu vaccination. You can learn more about country requirements  at

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