Dog lover encourages families to celebrate National Tell a Story Day with each other (and pets)

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National Tell a Story Day, which is on April 27, 2019, usually brings with it formal events at libraries and bookstores.

This year, of course, is different but if affords the intriguing possibility of a more personal celebration for family members to swap their own stories.

Jean Alfieri, the author of the newly released book Blessed to be Me for adults and Zuggy the Rescue Pug children’s books, is encouraging people to tune out the chaos this National Tell a Story Day, and tune in to their blessings and favorite memories.

According to Alfieri—author, speaker and dog fan—being stuck at home can have its advantages.

“It’s important, especially in uncertain times like these, to look back on and remember the good times of our lives – the adventures, special people, favorite places, funny moments, and so much more that make up our cherished memories,” Alfieri said. 

Among Alfieri’s own cherished memories are when her eyes locked with those of a smooshy-faced, little dog who sat inside a kennel at the Humane Society. At that moment, she knew that it was love at first sight.

She named the dog Zuggy. Some years later, after Zuggy passed, she was compelled to self-publish a collection of short-story poems starring Zuggy.

Saddened by the prospect that her fondest memories with her beloved pet might be forgotten, Alfieri realized how much of our human legacy is lost within a single generation. Inspired, she created Blessed to be Me: Celebrate the Stories of Your Life, a fun and easy way to capture awesome life stories.

Blessed to be Me book cover

Alfieri lives in Colorado Springs, with her husband and senior rescue dogs. She is an avid proponent of adoption for all dogs: pure breeds, mixed breeds, young or (her preference) “vintage puppies” who are in need of a “fur-ever” home.


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