Dog rescue takes flight with chartered plane, rescues 125 dogs

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue recently chartered a flight to rescue about 125 dogs.

This the first of what the rescue hopes will be many flights.

According to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue website, in September of 2020, a team from Big Dog Ranch Rescue traveled to Puerto Rico to meet with a small team working to rescue dogs on the island, Santuario Canita.

That Santuario Canita rescue was caring for over 800 dogs. With people fleeing the island because of COVID-19 and in advance of the hurricane season, many dogs were left abandoned in the streets.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue made the decision that they had to help and started fundraising to charter as many cargo planes as it takes to get these dogs to rescues all over the eastern United States.

Once the Santuario Canita sanctuary numbers have decreased, any additional funds will be used to send a spay/neuter van for a veterinary-assisted mass sterilization.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a non-profit organization that saves hundreds of dogs in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, which has a growing population of over 500,000 dogs. On average, the kill rate of animals in Puerto Rico is 99 percent.

More about The Big Dog Ranch Rescue
This nonprofit focuses its efforts primarily on Southeastern states, but it also saves dogs from international disaster zones, such as hurricane-battered Puerto Rico.

The Big Dog Ranch campus – which includes a veterinary clinic, a quarantine facility, special cabins for moms and their pups, and plenty of room for romping – can accommodate about 600 dogs. Each gets a medical exam, is microchipped, and is spayed or neutered.

Ninety-eight employees and an army of volunteers keep everything running.

Donations, which can be made here:, are essential to raise the funds for more than this one rescue flight.


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