Doughnuts for dogs

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We were in Sheetz in Greenville, North Carolina today when we saw a display with all kinds of fancy dog treats, including these Doggy Dough-mutts.

As you can see, they look good enough for people to eat. They look so good, in fact, that we did a double take when looking at the package because we just wanted to make sure they were actually for dogs.

Doggy DoughMutts

According to the Cosmo’s Snack Shack website, only six ingredients, including sweet potato, are used in this otherwise decadent-looking snack. And, if you’re wondering, the doughnuts are actually hard like a dog biscuit, not soft like real doughnuts.

We tested them out on our dogs, Scooby and Caramel. Scooby ate his immediately.

Below is Caramel taste-testing hers:

If your local Sheetz isn’t selling these and you are interested in buying them, you can check out the Cosmo’s Snack Shack site for more information about where to purchase:

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