Elvis Presley Festival on Museum of Dog’s next stop

(EINPresswire.com) — The next stop on the Dog Museum Tour will be the Tupelo Elvis Festival in Mississippi.

The dog limo will be on hand at the Bancorp Arena for the Pet Parade event on June 8 along with it’s “A DOG’s Journey” Photo Boothwhich, which will place the dogs image on their own personalized poster. The dog limo, which has gained fame on Instagram, is equipped with a variety of props for great dog family photos. The stretch limousine has made appearances along the east coast and is headed east after spreading dog fun in Dallas.

Inside of Museum of Dog limosine
Daschund festuned limousine provides room to romp, roll and pose.

The June 8 event is part of the annual Tupelo Elvis Festival, attended by thousands of worldwide visitors, in Tupelo (the birthplace of Elvis).

The dog museum is also in Tupelo to promote the newest addition to the luxury dog hotel world, Macy’s Town House. The new dog business will feature a unique level of dog boarding and dog daycare. Macy’s is scheduled to open on June 9 with rotating dog museum lobby exhibits.


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