Re-sharing a chorus of frogs in the rain

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It just rained and I’m sitting here listening to the frogs outside who are pretty happy about that. They are usually pretty quiet, but, when it rains, they seem to all decide it’s time to make noise. It made me decide it would be fun to re-share some frog audio that I made last summer.
A screenshot of the audio from the recording of the frogs “singing.”
These aren’t pet frogs, but they do live in our yard. We have frogs and toads of all kinds, from large bullfrogs to tiny treefrogs. One of my favorites is the treefrog, one of which is shown below in the a post from my Instagram account. They are super cute and one even jumped on my shoulder the other night when I opened the front door. Another favorite of mine is what I call our “Guard Toad.” Every summer, one seems to show up to “guard” and patrol our front sidewalk at night.

The audio is an hour long and features the sounds of frogs and a gentle summer rainfall. I recorded it from the back porch of my home.

I think this audio is pretty relaxing. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rainfall or streams and other nature sounds, which I usually listen to on youtube or vimeo, so I thought it would be fun to try making my own. Hopefully, others have enjoyed as well and more will now that I’m resharing.

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