Fall asleep to frogs and a look at some frog-created ‘art’

Frog: Marsh Castle Hardelot https://publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=46158&picture=frog-3
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We are happy to announce that we have created two videos, both featuring frogs.
The first video is an hour long and features the sounds of frogs and a gentle summer rainfall.
We think this video is pretty relaxing. We ourselves love to fall asleep to the sounds of rainfall or streams and other nature sounds on youtube, so we decided to make our own video that we could enjoy and that, hopefully, others will enjoy as well.
We don’t have any pet frogs, but, thanks to a lot of trees and a small pond, we do have a backyard full of the little buggers of all shapes and sizes, from big bullfrogs to tiny tree frogs. Most of the time, they are very quiet. But, during and after the rain, they get very rambunctious and make A LOT of noise. It’s been raining all day today, so we made both videos today.
tree frog
One of the tiny tree frogs that sometimes finds a way into the house. This guy was hanging out on the front door before being escorted back outside.
This second video might be a little hard to sleep to, unless you’re really into frog sounds. The frogs sound a little more shrill than we thought they would. Probably our audio recording device’s fault. But we still wanted to share it because you can get a sense of how the frogs sound when they are all singing together in the yard. It really is quite remarkable to hear. Plus, someone might be able to use some of it for nature/camping sound effects.
The photo shown above the audio below is of the soundwaves generated when the frogs were being recorded. We took a screenshot of it. It almost looks like artwork to us because of the cool pattern.

(featured image: https://publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=46158&picture=frog-3)


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