Favorite Wow My Pet Did That! stories of 2020

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It’s that time of year for our favorite stories of 2020. While, because of COVID, 2020 will likely not go down in history as anyone’s favorite year ever, there was still some happy and fun news for pets. We decided to choose one of our favorite stories from each month this year:

  1. January: Green puppies

We love when we learn something new and green puppies were new to us. Oddly, though, a little later in the year, we ended up publishing a second story about another green puppy’s birth!

Wow, these puppies were born green

2. February: More homes for pets

We love stories that can potentially help animals and this one about research showing how easing restrictions on pets in rental housing could help millions of pets is a prime example of ways to keep animals off the streets.

Easing restrictions on pets in rental housing could help millions of pets find homes

3. March: A very special dog

We had the chance to interview some wonderful pet owners and talk to them about their fabulous pets this year and Shirlee Verploegen and Buck were now exception. While Buck has passed on, he had an impact on many people and animals during his lifetime, and was immortalized on two books.

Author pays tribute to her rescue dog in new book imagining two years of his life before his rescue

4. April: Amazing calming music for cats!

We were excited to come across information about this research study showing that music can benefit cats, especially when we tried the “cat-specific” music with our own cat and found out how genuinely calming it us for her. Not too long ago, we recommended the same music to a visitor to our site who had to take their cat to the vet and they also reported that it worked wonders!

Can music soothe the vet-wary kitty? A new study says, yes!

5. April: Great cat quotes

April was also a good month for posts and it was hard to choose from them, but we ended up picking the following post, which was our list of cat quotes. The quotes are all very relatable and we had a lot of fun putting pics of our cats and other kitties on nice backgrounds to create the decorative quotes.

Eight great cat quotes

6. June: Allergen-reducing cat food

We will felt like this was a huge story. Maybe because it happened in the middle of COVID, we just didn’t hear much feedback, but we still think finding a way to help some people who suffer from allergies live with cats or live more comfortable with cats is pretty darn amazing!

Purina launches allergen-reducing cat food

7. July: Traveling tips

Again, there were a number of great stories in July, but we chose the traveling tips because we felt that it was jam-packed with helpful information for those hitting the road with their pets.

Bringing your dog on the family road trip? Here are some tips…

8. August: Actor recreates movies with his dog

This is another example of a remarkable pet own and remarkable pet teaming up. In this case, the duo brought their combined talents to youtube to make others smile.

‘Bold and the Beautiful’ actor and his dog pair up to turn COVID quarantine into acting tour de force

9. September: Remember Me Thursday

We were far from the only site to cover Remember Me Thursday, and that’s a big part of why this story is special to us. The comradarie shown of so many bloggers and social media sites in order to help promote Remember Me Thursday, even during a year when the traditional candle-lighting events in communities had to be cancelled, was very moving. Remember Me Thursday┬« (RMT) is a worldwide pet adoption awareness campaign now in its eighth year. RMT was established in 2013 by Helen Woodward Animal Center President and CEO Mike Arms.


10. October: She loves to draw cats and we love to watch!

Artist Beverly Garland’s amazing talent for drawing cats and the special videos she creates about each cat she draws were the focuses of this feature story that is paws-down our favorite October post.

Professional artist loves to draw cats and share their special stories

11. November: UPS gives uniforms new leash on life

We love it when companies find ways to help animals, people and the environment all at the same time, so we enjoyed this story about UPS turning its old uniforms in leashes for shelter dogs.

Wow! UPS is turning old uniforms into dog leashes!

12. December: Fun-raiser!

The month isn’t over yet, but we feel pretty safe in choosing this one as our favorite nonetheless. Many non-profit organizations had to find ways to be super creative this year as traditional money-raising events were cancelled. And the Charlotte-Albemarle SPCA, which created a memorable and humorous “Not So Purfect Pet Portrait” fundraiser is no exception.

Wow! We love this ‘Not-So-Purrfect Pet Portrait fundraiser’!

And, so there you have it. Our 2020 favorites. Happy New Year!


Featured image: CaliNBiscuit by Beverly Garland.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission from Beverly Garland.



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