Beautiful wedding dresses for your dog

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There’s a growing trend toward dog weddings. Some do it to celebrate a close relationship between two of their dogs, and others may use it as a unique fundraiser idea. Still others include their pets in their own human wedding ceremonies.

No matter the reason, how could dogs tying the knot not make for lots of cute fun?

And where on Earth can you find a doggie wedding dress?

We did some searching and found affordable and adorable wedding dresses for the blushing (well, we assume she’s blushing under all that fur) bride.

1) This first dress is available in XS through XL. And we love the white bow on it. Click here for more information.

2) For the bride (and/or fur parent of the bride) who prefers A LOT of bling, we recommend this FLAdorepet Sparkling Rhinestone Dog Wedding Party Dress dress.

This sparkly creation is available in sizes XL through EL and has a rhinestone design at the top that would probably have made Elvis jealous.

3) This Rubie’s Big Dog Bride Costume wedding dress is one of the few dresses for dogs we saw that came with a veil. It’s also the only one that comes in just one size — XXL — a great find for anyone looking for a wedding dress that will fit a bigger breed (or, perhaps, a medium breed with a big appetite– we don’t judge!).

4) And, finally, simple yet lovely, it’s the WORDERFUL Dog Wedding Dress Bride Outfit with Pearl Necklace, available in sizes X-Small through Large.

As for veils sold separately, here’s the one we found that we liked the best:

1) It’s this pretty Pssopp Pet Wedding Bridal Flower Headdress for Small, Medium and Large dogs.

Of course, we didn’t want to leave the groom out of our searches! Among some of the cutest options we found:

1) This tuxedo from Eversua, which comes in sizes small through EL:

2) This cute dog suit is also a harness, so you might be able to get more than one use out of it or at least be able to guide the nervous groom down the aisle. The DOGGIE DESIGN Formal Wedding Tuxedo Harness Suit with Clip Charm – Hat and Leash – Black Tails – comes in sizes for XS Thru 3XL.

When it comes to wedding dresses and accessories, there are lots of options, including the above and many others on Amazon (which is where we did our searching) and on at other stores, so be sure to choose something your pet(s) will likely be comfortable in and also check out user reviews if possible (we did both when making our selections for this list.)

For example, if your dog doesn’t like having something on her head, you can probably skip the veil! And, if your dog isn’t used to dressing up, you might not want to go with too much material — something that slips on and off easily is probably best. Also, consider the weather. There are lighter dresses for summer summer weddings, and so forth.

Once your pets have their wedding ensembles ready, the next step is planning the wedding. For tips on how to host a dog wedding, check out this article on

Featured photo: “ChiChi’s new Dress” by Brad Montgomerylicensed under CC BY 2.0 (photo cropped and lighting filter added).

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