Five products to make bath time more fun, easier for your dog

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Warmer weather means many dogs are outside and exploring more, which might mean an increased need for doggie baths. But, having a dog who doesn’t enjoy bathtime can make you both dread the experience.

Fortunately, there are some products that might help make your furry friend a little more tolerant of the whole process while making it more pleasant for you as well.

Try a distraction:

1) Just coaxing a reluctant dog into the tub can be a chore. Even fully-grown dogs can make you feel guilty with heart-melting looks that seem to be asking, “Why are you doing this to me?” You might have to carry a heavy, uncooperative canine into the bathroom to even get started.

But, once you do get your dog into the water, try a distraction, such as the lick mat for pet bathing

It’s a simple idea. Just put something dogs can lick, such as peanut butter, on the silicone dog feeder, which attaches to the bathtub wall via suction.


Your dog may end up so engrossed in the treat that he barely realizes a bath is taking place. And, once he learns that there is actually something he likes about the tub, future bathtimes will, hopefully, go more smoothly.

For more on the Lick mat, click here.

Lend a hand:

2) We’ve noticed that one thing that calms our pet during a bath is being touched, but it can be hard to do a lot of reassuring petting while also trying to juggle shampoo and a shower nozzle.

The makers of this glove shower attachement seem to have taken that into account. This product will let you have running water while you’re using the massaging glove to clean and comfort your pup.

For more, on this bath glove at Amazon, click here.

Be ready for the ‘after-bath’:

3) There’s always that point at the end when the dog shakes off and water goes everywhere. That’s why we recommend an absorbent towel, such as the one shown below by ColorYLife. This microfiber “super shammy” with hand pockets is ultra absorbent and comes in small, medium and large. It’s also available in blue, grey and pink (for the diva dog in your life).

For more on this towel, which might save you from needing a bath after giving your dog one, click here.

4) Another aspect of dog baths that makes us kind of dread it is when the dog gets out of the tub, gets the “zoomies,” and feels the urge to fly around the house still slightly wet whilst rubbing against walls and furniture.

That’s why we recommend a bathrobe, such as the Ollypet Dog Bathrobe, which is made of 100% microfiber towel and comes in a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large. And besides hopefully preventing the zoomies, or at least keeping your floors and sofa dry, your dog is bound to look supercut—all clean and snug in his or her little housecoat.  Click here for more on the Ollypet Dog Bathrobe.

Wipe away dirt in between baths:

5) To cut down on the need for a lot of baths, which can be stressful to a pet (and, sometimes the humans involved too) and can also dry their skin out, you might want to try wipes. We use them pretty regularly in between baths to help keep our dogs’ paws clean or for complete rubdowns. Our dogs love the pampering.

A brand to try is Earth Rated Dog Wipes, which are plant-based and compostable. For more info, click here.



Featured image: Meadow taking a bath.

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