Five very fun facts about the goat yoga craze

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Goat yoga has become a global phenomenon and a bucket list item for many. In fact, according to a press release from PRWeb, The Original Goat Yoga has had thousands of people on a wait list just to try their classes.

Whether you’ve heard of goat yoga, or are just discovering this fairly new, but popular, activity, here are five facts about goat yoga (or goga) that you will want to know:

1) Lainey Morse never planned to become a goat yoga mogul, but, Goat Yoga quickly took the world by storm after an idea during a child’s birthday party on her farm in Albany, Oregon, quickly became an international sensation, according to a PRWeb press release.

2) Goat yoga classes are for all ages and levels. Classes take place in a field space or studio full of goats. According to the PRWeb release, “While the goats do not participate in any downward dogs or warrior poses, they do meander freely through the crowd to stand on yogis’ backs and cuddle, and occasionally nibble on the mats.”

3) While not every town has some form of goat yoga, many do. will help you find locations near you for Original Goat Yoga or unaffiliated goga classes.

Goat Yoga Central website screenshot
Screenshot of Goat Yoga Central website.

4) Goat yoga has all the traditional benefits of regular yoga, such as potential to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase balance and flexibility, but with the added adorable factor — if you like goats, that is.

5) Some places that offer goga also offer other goat-related activities.

Hux Family Farm in Durham, North Carolina, for example, provides goat meditation and goat reading therapy.

Laurita Winery in New Jersey offers a combination baby goat yoga, bottle feeding, snuggle time, and wine tasting. Hey, they had us at baby goats, but, throw in some wine and snuggling and we might never leave.

So, what do you think about goat yoga? Are you ready to try it? We are! In fact, we are a little afraid, we’re going to get a little too excited, like this fainting goat in a video from Critter Creek Farm.

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