Forget to get your guinea pig a holiday gift? These circus-themed toys might be a great way to seek forgiveness

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So, I stumbled across HayPigs on the internet this evening and just had to share their very cute products for Guinea Pigs.

According to the HayPigs website, their mission, as a family-owned company is to: “produce high quality products with longevity and attention to detail, designed specifically for the needs of guinea pigs and their owners.”

A press release on their site about Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (July 16, if you’re wondering), also relates their dedication to making sure guinea pigs, which they describe as incredibly intelligent, social and having compicated need, are well-cared for as pets:

…we feel it needs to be said. In the UK pet trade (and indeed elsewhere), our approach to small animal welfare and enrichment is at times, archaic. We need to wake up and start taking our responsibility as educators seriously. It is at the point of purchase that we have the biggest opportunity to educate new pet owners on better understanding what is required to give these animals a fulfilling life. As a brand, we are a champion for change and there is no better motivation to drive our business forward, than the opportunity to do this.”

The company is also looking for sustainable solutions, including a release this past summer of their shipping box, which doubles as a guinea pig house.

card box/house for guinea pigs

Although they are a U.K.-based company, two of their products are now available for purchase on Amazon in the U.S., including the HayPigs 3-in-1 circus ball and the Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel:

According to their site, more products should become available in the U.S. over time, which is likely going to be exciting news for guinea pigs and their people because these toys already seem quite popular with the HayPigs, which are a group of rescued guinea pigs who are the inspiration behind the products and also product testers.

You can see the HayPigs in the video below and also on other videoes on their youtube channel:


Earlier on this past year, the line of toys was chosen as one of four finalists in the Gift of the Year 2020 pet category. The Gift of the Year Awards, according to a press release on the HayPigs site, celebrate the best of the best in home and gift retailing and are highly-respected in the retail industry, as well as honour the latest, most original and innovatively designed products that could be given as gifts.

For more about this company, a look at their adorable mascots, a checklist for preparinng for a guinea pig, and even fun activity sheets, visit:
or follow them on Instagram at:



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