Four ways to take your pet’s likeness with you when you can’t take your pet

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Screenshot from Zacchissimi video
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There are a number of businesses devoted to helping us display our love of pets or create a great gift for the pet lover in your life in a variety of ways.

Below, we highlight four of our favorites:

1) Floral phone case:

Italian brand, Zacchissimi, has created a new custom collection that can be adorned with hand paintings of a photo of your pet. For about $40, you can get a hand painted picture of your pet on a phone case.

Other pieces include casual shoes and espadrilles, pillows, luggage covers, tote bags, socks and backpacks. So, even if you can’t bring your actual pet somewhere, you can still have the comfort of their fuzzy face on one or more items.

For more, check out the video below: 

2) Lifelike recreations:
Some companies are now offering 3D printing of models of pets.

GravityB, a Calgary-based studio, for example, creates figurines from images captured in a scanning booth called “The Coppy Machine.” The machine was actually inspired in part by a dog named Coppy (Copernicus), who was the model for the company’s first successful 3D print. Copernicus has, sadly, since passed away, but, as part of Coppy’s posthumous legacy, figurines are called “Coppies.”

Coppy (Copernicus). Used with permission from website.

Dogs and cat Coppies start at $150. Coppies of people (including families) can be created too, as can figurines of a person with their pet.

3D view of dog Coppy or figurine from GravityB. Photo used with permission from website.
Sample of dog with lifelike 3d figurine. Photo used with permission from website.

The capture process can be seen in this video from GravityB’s website:

Other companies, such as PetPrints3D, will do 3D printing from photos of pets supplied by a pet owner.

3) Pet keychain:

For about $20 you can get a custom keychain with your pet’s likeness and shape, in miniature form of course, from Paw Joy.


4) Stuffed animal version of your pet

bulldog with realistic-looking plush pet
Petsies Plush Pet example from

For about $250 (although they were running a deal for $200 when we visited the site), you can have a plush stuffed version of your pet made by

This is the most costly item on our list, so, if you have a pet who likes to chew things, you might just want to let them sniff at it and then put it up on a shelf where it’s safe when you’re not admiring it yourself.

For more information, visit:



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