Free ebook explains how to build a better bond with your dog

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Looking to build a stronger bond with your furry friend?

If so, you can download a free copy of “How to Bond with Your Dog for a Better Mind, Body and Spirit” by Kristen Levine.

Dog book cover

The book includes:

  • Why bonding with your dog is good for your well-being
  • Special ways to bond with your dog 
  • Real life stories of how pet owners have benefitted from bonding with their dog
  • How dogs can help in special needs situations

Kristen Levine is a pet expert, speaker, author and advocate, and the founder of Kristen Levine Pet Living. The multimedia platform offers stories, science, and advice for living happier and healthier with pets.

An industry insider for more than 25 years, Kristen also launched the first, exclusively pet-focused marketing agency, Fetching Communications, and later acquired Both Fetching and now operate as a division of French | West | Vaughan, a leading independent agency in the South East serving consumer lifestyle categories.

A free downloadable copy of the book is available at:

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