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Awhile back, I wrote about goat yoga. But, since most people are more likely to be in closer proximity to a cat than a goat, today I decided to take a look at the world of cat yoga through some fun facts.

•According to, practicing yoga with your cat can be a great way to both exercise and bond with your cat at the same time. Cats are curious and like to stretch, so they will probably want to be right there with you as soon as you sit down on that yoga mat.

•Besides cited benefits of doing yoga, it just sounds fun and relaxing, especially with a furry friend or friends to help. As puts it:

“Life often gets complicated for people following busy schedules, and yoga can serve as an opportunity to disconnect and go within for at least a little while. Beyond that, many people crave interacting with animals that display innocence and peacefulness.”

•Cat yoga isn’t just growing in popularity in people’s homes. Cat yoga classes are being offered in many cities now, and often these classes help the cats in addition to the humans.

For example, in 2016, CNN reported on cat yoga as the “Mewest exercise trend,” and featured a yoga class for humans that integrates shelter cats. The classes sold out quickly, money raised went to help the shelter cats, and the cats got to interact with people and exposure to potential adopters.

And, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary was able to help raise money for its cats via virtual cat yoga classes, which it started offering near the begininng of the pandemic. Besides helping the kitties, human participants were able to reduce stress from home via these online sessions.

•Apparently never missing out on a trend, Amazon has an array of cat yoga-related items, including cat yoga t-shirts, statues of cats doing yoga and funny cat calendars. There are also books (remember when Amazon pretty much just sold books? ) about cat yoga, including the following:

•And, finally, if you find that you and your cat really excel at doing yoga together, you can always post your progress on, which offers a section for sharing your pics.

Like the featured artwork? It’s available! Including on a yoga mat or as a tote bag and more at:


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