Get in the holiday frame of mind with these hilarious dog and cat stuffed animals

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We visited Big Lots in Greenville, North Carolina last night and had some fun playing with the holiday animals that are on display there.

We think these will be big hits with animal lovers.

First up is a Christmas cat rapping MC Hammer style to the tune of “Can’t Touch This.” As you can see, he has a little help from one of the mimicking snowmen, which we also found adorable.

Next up is this really adorable dog, who barks “Jingle Bells.”

Third, we have this striped cat, performing to the tune of “Baby Got Back,” again with the help of a snowman on a nearby shelf.


So, after all our playing with the different stuffed toys, which one do you think we bought?

Well, we brought home this guy, the cat rapping to the tune of “Can’t Touch This.” Here he is, once again.

We figure he’ll get along nicely with our guilty pleasure collection of performing stuffed animals, including this Christmas Egg Droppin’ Chicken we bought last year (from Tractor Supply). 

And, this fuzzy dog we bought from Big Lots two years ago.


We definitely have growing collection. Some of our other past stuffed animal purchases for other holidays or special occasions include:

This guy singing “The Cupid Shuffle.”

And this hilarious graduation llama, singing “Good Feeling. We got him at Walmart.

What will next year hold for our collection? We have no idea, but we will keep you posted!

Until then, MC Hammer cat, hit it one more time:




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