Great gifts to get your pet this holiday season; and they’re are all under $20!

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Many pet owners don’t just shop for their human family and friends, but the pets they love as well. With that in mind, has compiled a list any pet would be happy to receive:

1) Your dog or cat might not love a bath, but you’ll love being able to dry them off afterwards with a Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Bath Towel. For $17, get a two-pack of this Microfiber pet bath towel, which is ultra-absorbent and double density.

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2) ArcBarks dog biscuits.

Two packages of Peanut Butter Barkers

A great small gift for the dog lover and you can give directly as a gift to your dog. A two-pack of Peanut Butter Barkers is just $10.

Here’s one of our dogs trying out the treats:


ArcBarks was conceived and developed by The Arc of Greensboro, Inc., an organization of and for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.


ArcBarks provides vocational training and post-high school options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

When chefs at arcBarks get confidence and skills, they learn receive counseling about possibilities for employment in the community, which means more new chefs can be trained!

Unlike some packaged store treats that make you wonder what exactly your pet is eating, these treats are preservative-free. In fact, the ingredients are oatmeal and flour, freshly ground peanut butter, vegetable oil, fresh water and love!

Label of package with note about the bakers

For more about arcBarks, check out

3) If you are so over cleaning up cat litter that tracks on the floor, this might be a gift for you as well as your cat.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litterbox

This Iris Top Entry Cat Litterbox, available from for a little under $19, will probably also be appreciated by your cat, who gets a little extra privacy.

4) We previously did a post about Bandana Bowl™, which we think it would make a great gift for the dog in your life.

Bandana Bowl™ is a bandana that your dog can wear, but, since it’s made with waterproof material on the inside and water absorbent material on the outside, it can also can be used a bowl.

And the Bandana Bowl has a third purpose too…On extra hot days, before leaving the house you can dip it into water, fill it up with ice and use it as a cooling collar.

The bandana comes in two colors: Blue and red. It’s available in two sizes: Small (dogs up to 25 pounds) and Medium (dogs up to 60 pounds).


5) PetSmart’s Chance & Friends Holiday Philanthropic Collection of stuffed toys is back for 2019.

PetSmart plush toys

Shoppers can choose from a plush dog, cat, bunny or unicorn, complete with a squeaker.

For every in-store or online purchase of a commemorative toy from the Chance & Friends collection, PetSmart will donate 10% of the sale to PetSmart Charities to fund animal-assisted therapy programs at children’s hospitals.

For more information about PetSmart and the Holiday Philanthropic Collection, or to find a local store, please visit

6) If you have a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, mouse or other small pet, you’ll likely want to check out this eCotrition Snak Shak Edible Hideaway.
This combination chew snack (a healthy mix with including protein, calcium and fiber) and hideaway is available for under $10 and will likely provide hours of entertainment for your small pet.
Snak Shak

7) Is that reptile in your life hard to find the perfect gift for? We think we might have found the answer!

EONMIR 8-Foot Reptile Vines are flexible habitat decor that also work for climbing. 

The 8-feet-long, bendable/twistable lifelike vines are designed to be easy to clean, and are suitable for chameleons, lizards, tree frogs, snakes, gecko and turtles. Available at Amazon for $11.99.

8) The weather outside might be frightful, but your bird likely won’t mind if it’s cuddled up inside in a Heitaisi Warm Plush Bird Nest (available on Amazon for $5.20). 

This hanging tent hammock will work for pet parakeet, Cockatiel, Conure Cockatoo, African Grey Macaw, Amazon Lovebirds, Budgie Finch, Canaries, and small to medium parrots.


It is made of canvas and plus, has a soft wool interior, and hard bottom, and can be hung with a double hook.

Bird hammock



9) If you’re shopping for a horse, you usually can’t go wrong with treats. And, since these The German Horse Muffin All Natural Horse Treats for $12.36 look good enough for humans to eat, it will probably be a lot of fun giving them to your large, four-legged friend.

German Horse Muffin package

As the name states, they are described as all natural. Another bonus, is that they are available on Shop For Rescues, a 100% cruelty-free* online pet supplies retailer founded in 2019, using a socially responsible business model known as compassionate commerce.

Shop For Rescues’ mission is to use the sale of its pet supplies to fund 501(c)3 non-profits involved in the rescue of dogs, cats and horses from abusive homes, overcrowded municipal shelters and kill environments. SFR uses up to 27.5% of its gross revenues to support animal rescue groups!

Shop For Rescues’ founder, Eric Turk, says compassionate commerce is all about social responsibility. He hopes to encourage others in the pet supplies industry to follow his lead. His philosophy: It’s not enough to make money off of the pet industry; it is our moral obligation to give back to helpless, voiceless animals.

*Cruelty-free, as defined by Turk, means that SFR does not sell animal-based products.

Eric Turk with his dog
Shop For Rescues’ founder Eric Turk with his dog.

And, once you have your furry friends shopped for, don’t forget the human ones. Check out our list of great holiday gifts for the pet/animal lover in your life!


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