Have chick, will travel; This little chick likes to go everywhere her human goes

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baby chick in car
Beans the chick, tagging along. Photo subject to copyright; used with permission of copyright holder


Just the above photo alone is worth a smile, but there’s a story that goes with it and that is one of a chick who likes to go everywhere with her adoptive human parent.

The photo is from the Facebook group, “Chickens, Chickens, Chickens,” which is a group for discussing everything pet-chicken- related and which has been featured a number of times before on wowmypetdidthat.com in various stories about chickens and their owners.

This particular pic was posted by a group member, Alexis Montelongo, who asked in the same post: “How do I deal with a chick who is so attached to me she think I’m her mom and freaks out if I’m not in eye sight. Her name is beans.”

Most associate attaching at a young age to ducklings. Chickens are far less likely to attach to humans. In fact, many chicks and full grown chickens can be downright skittish when touched or approached, no matter how careful or gentle the human is. But there are chickens who have been known to form a bond with a person or people, enjoying being petted or held or even living indoors.

Even more rare, according to chickenpals.com, is a chicken with the desire to be and stay close to someone. Beans, who can be seen going for a ride while confidently and determinedly perched on her human’s shoulder, seems to fall into this rare category.

So, what did others in the chicken group think of this adorable tag-along chick? Some related similar stories of bonding with a hen or rooster, so it seems like, although young now, Beans will probably continue to stay attached to her chosen “mom” in the future. Those with less outgoing or affectionate chickens expressed a wish for such attention from their feathered pets.

Others simply expressed adoration for Beans. One Facebook user advised: “Enjoy it and take her everywhere! I would.”

Another said:

So freaking cute. Just go with it 🥰
We couldn’t agree more!


For an interesting article on chicken and human bonding, check out: https://birdgap.com/pet-chickens-love-owners/




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