How loud are silkie roosters?

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For those thinking about getting Silkie chickens — and many are due to their super fluffy appearance and docile nature — the question of rooster loudness often comes up. Or, maybe you have some Silkie chicks and are pretty sure one’s going to to end up being a rooster.

We were in the latter category when three of our Silkie chickens ended up growing into roosters. Only one was a hen. Not wanting our neighbors to completely despise us, we re-homed two roosters, but kept a male and female pair.

Anyway, early on, we were wondering whether the Silkies might be more quiet than regular roosters and we looked to the Internet. We got varying answers. Some said Silkies are pretty much as loud as regular roosters, some said they are much more quiet.

Not finding that particularly helpful, we made this video for those who are now in the same boat as us, or, again, for those thinking about adopting some Silkies, to help them make an informed decision.

From the video, you can tell that our Silkie rooster is not only super adorable, but he is also pretty darn loud. The Silkie’s crow might be slightly more pleasant, depending on your opinion of the matter, since is has a somewhat muffled and lower pitch to it than a regular rooster. However, just like our regular two roosters, we can hear him from our bedroom at the front of the house when they all start crowing early in the morning.

Also, just like our full-sized roosters, the Silkie crows on and off throughout the daytime. He might crow more than a lone rooster would, as he likes to have “crow-offs” with the other roosters.

We imagine volume might vary from one Silkie rooster to another. Maybe our guy is especially loud. We’re not sure. The only other videos we could find on youtube of Silkies crowing (once again, Wowmypetdidthat is ahead of its time), is of younger roosters. The young ones typically are still not at their full volume yet and can actually sound all cute and funny.

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about at a link that shows some teenage Silkies crowing. This is also a good video to see Silkies in a variety of colors, as opposed to our all-white one. Be warned, they are very adorable. 

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