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Wow, my pet did THAT! Cats,Dogs,News How old is your cat or dog in human years?

How old is your cat or dog in human years?

Purina has a Cat Age Calculator that will let you find out how old your cat is in human years. Just go to the link.

Then enter your cat’s name and age and gender, and you will get your cat’s age in years and a brief report about how your cat probably should be acting and feeling. We did it for our cat, Motor, and below is a screenshot of her results. We were a little surprised she is 38 as we still think of her as our baby. They grow so fast!

Cat in front of toy blocks

Cat age calculator results sample

The site also contains a Dog Age Calculator. You can click here for that link.

Since the site providing this information is Purina, there are, of course, pet diet-related recommendations (with discounts offered).

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