How to keep your house clean when you share it with a furry friend (or friends)

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For many, there’s no greater joy in my life than having pets – but trying to rid one’s home of pet hair, dander and odors are a different story.

With that in mind, guest author Tyler Evans of, did some research and found some of the best budget-friendly advice out there to help dog and cat owners keep their homes clean.

Keeping your house clean when you’re on a budget can be a challenge with furry friends. It may seem like all your options for maintaining a spic and span living environment all call for spending a fortune. Fortunately, you can keep things under control if you implement some of these helpful tips.

Dealing with pet fur

When it comes to your pet’s fur, giving them a good brush can help to prevent the shedding of their hair all over your house. Cleaning your fabrics can be easier if you avoid the ones, such as cotton and wool, that attract pet hair.

When cleaning, be sure to vacuum carpets and rugs, and use a moist mop on the floor to remove fur. Rubber gloves and lint rollers can be essential tools for picking up pet hair, and don’t forget about your pet’s bedding when you’re washing.

dog in bathtubYou can also minimize shedding by bathing your pet regularly and giving them supplements. Once you’re done bathing your pet, make sure you dry their fur thoroughly and brush it again to avoid heavy shedding.

Dealing With Pet Dander

Pet dander is made up of tiny pieces of your pets’ skin, and cats, as well as dogs, are some of the worst offenders. Pet dander is especially troublesome for persons who have allergies, as it can cause itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing.

The fact that dander sticks easily to furniture, bedding and fabrics makes it that much harder to get rid of. As different as cats and dogs might be, dealing with their dander has some similarities. You should make sure to groom your pet because if they have been cleaned and trimmed, they are less likely to spread dander. Washing your pet’s bedding frequently and keeping them off the furniture will go a long way to keeping dander in check.

Dealing with pet saliva

Motor on arm of couchPet saliva can be hard to avoid if you have a particularly drool-heavy dog. Orvis suggests protecting your furniture by using washable protective covers. Even when you take the necessary precautions, though, you’ll still need to clean up pet saliva.

One of the easiest ways to remove drool from your upholstery includes the use of paper towels and dishwashing liquid in warm water. Just make sure you tackle the clean up as quickly as you see it because saliva can really seep into materials and cause a near-permanent stain.

Dealing with pet odor

Pet odors can come from a number of sources but some particularly troublesome ones are pet urine. Whenever your dog or cat has an accident, it’s best to clean it up quickly as it might soak into the area and require a professional clean.

When you’re cleaning up, you should avoid bleach and ammonia-based cleaners as the former isn’t pet-friendly and the latter can make odors worse. Cat litter box furniture is also a great way to not only keep your cat’s litter box hidden away, but they can also subdue the odor that comes from your cat’s waste. To make sure you’re finding the best cat litter box furniture for your needs, shop around, and look at online reviews and recommendations.

Dealing with selling a home

All of these suggestions are especially important when you’re selling your home. Although you may care deeply for your pet, potential buyers may not. In addition to finding ways to remove your pet from the home during showings, stay on top of cleaning to help triggering allergic reactions from people viewing your property.

The better your home looks and smells, the better the chance of finding a buyer who’s eager to take the house off your hands.

Your cats and dogs are an irreplaceable part of your family, and just like family, there are times when you’ll have to make some changes to your routine to keep your house in order. Whether you have cats, dogs or both, make sure you’re staying on top of your cleaning activities to keep your house clean while sticking to your budget.

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