How to make a fancy dog collar for under $10 and in about 20 minutes

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First off, here’s Scooby modeling the collar we made.

Scooby wearing collar
Scooby is styling in his finished fancy collar.

Here’s how we did it:

We bought a large collar at Dollar General for around $4. The collar is an adjustable-type collar. Just plain black, but the color didn’t really matter because we knew we were going to be covering it up with ribbon and decorations.

Before decorating the collar, we adjusted it so that it was the right fit for Scooby’s neck.

We already had some decorative ribbon (shown below), so we didn’t spend anything on that, but Dollar General has ribbon in the craft aisle ranging from one to two dollars depending on what style and width you get and how much of it.

red and pink ribbon

We also bought some decorative press-on stickers for $1 while we were there.

And, since we already have a glue gun too, that was it for supplies.

We glued the ribbon to the collar, leaving the plastic part where the adjustments for the collar looped through uncovered. We used red ribbon because, truth be told, the collar was originally going to be pink and very girlie, as we were making it for Caramel. But, when we got home, we realized that Scooby actually needed a new collar more than Caramel did, so we tried to make it a little more masculine.

After the ribbon was in place, we pressed the adhesive stickers on in a pattern. We considered using the glue gun, but they seemed to stick pretty well with just the adhesive they came with.

And, viola, here’s the finished collar, which took about 20 minutes:

Sparkly red collar with heart, crown and star pattern.

The only thing left to do was ooh and ah and how cute Scooby looked in his new decorative collar.


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