How to make a swing for a chicken

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Our finished chicken swing.

We have seen chicken swings for sale for $30 and up on online pet stores and ebay.

We love our chickens, but that seemed a bit pricey. So we made our own. Given that we already had everything we needed except the rope, it ended up costing us about $4. And that leaves us enough rope to make swings for more of our chickens and any future chickens we get, and maybe even our neighbors’ chickens.

So, here’s how we did it:

We started with the rope. First, we got some rope from Ollie’s for a couple of bucks, but then we decided to get the yellow rope (braided utility line), which was also a couple of bucks, from Walmart because it lets us do this cool trick that you are about to see.

regular rope and the rope we used

First, measure the length of the rope that you want it based on how high up you want to swing to be and where you are hanging it from. Or, just guess.
Then, cut two pieces of rope in that same length.
Next, you need to burn the ends of the rope so that it gets hard and won’t unravel.

Then, once the end cools and is hard, you need to make a loop by threading the hard end through the rope as shown in the video:
The coolest part is that, once you have the loop created, the more you pull on it, the more firm is gets, so that you don’t have to worry about coming undone.
Next, we cut a branch down the size we wanted it. We cut it longer than the the length of the chicken swings you usually see for sale because we wanted it to be long enough for the chicken and a peacock or two to hang out on.
We originally cut two branches (one for a spreader), but then we decided to do two different ropes on either end of the swing, so we ended up not needing the spreader.

We then drilled hole through either end of the branch for the swing.
Then, we put the non-looped ends of the rope through the holes and tied the ends of the rope into knots.
Finally, we hung up a couple of screws and attached the loops.

hanging the loop from screw
hanging the loop from screw

And then we were done. Unfortunately, by the time we finished, it was almost dark, and the chickens and peacocks were settling in for the night. But, hopefully, we will have pics of them on the swing soon.

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