How to safely take your dog swimming; tips from Santa Barbara Humane

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dogs at pool
Doggy swim day at Greenville Pool with Penny the Corgi mix.

Swimming with your pet can be lots of fun. But, remember that there are some hazards that should be taken into account. Santa Barbara Humane is offering some safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to dogs and swimming this summer:

Not all dogs like the water:

•Not all dogs can swim, and not all dogs that can swim enjoy the water. Let your dog lead when getting into the water; don’t force them into it.

Be a lifeguard:

•At the beach, watch out for riptides. Even when the waters look calm, there may be a riptide that could pull your dog (and people) out deeper. High waves can also knock a dog under water, causing fear or injury.

Don’t forget the life jacket:

•If your dog is coming along on a boat trip, make sure to bring a canine life jacket. Ensure beforehand that it is fitted properly because a loose or unstrapped life jacket will be little help if your dog is struggling in the water.

Fresh water only:
•Bring along fresh water that your dog can drink. While the water where you are swimming may seem fine, there may be high bacteria counts or algae blooms that you cannot see.

Take breaks:
•Swimming can be strenuous, especially in hot temperatures. Even dogs who love swimming may get worn out when paddling around. Give your dog breaks in the shade.

Wash off chlorine or salt:

dog in bathtub
•Chlorine and salt can irritate your dog’s skin, so rinse them off or bathe them after their swim.

Source: Santa Barbara Humane


    • I used to have a cat who always wanted to come into the bathtub or shower. LOL.

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