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Anaheim, California (PETPR.com) — Online retailer and pet media outlet iHeartDogs.com has announced the full launch of its “Pet Product Accelerator” program, seeking to partner with up and coming innovative pet brands by introducing them to iHeartDogs.com one million+ customers.

This announcement comes at the perfect time, right before the industry tradeshow – SuperZoo.

“Our goal is to find more amazing products that improve the lives of pets and people,” says Justin Palmer, CEO of iHeartDogs. “We’re looking for inventors pursuing the ‘American Dream,’ cause-driven brands, and purpose-driven products that make a difference in pet health and well-being to launch to our passionate customers.”

iHeartDogs.com, an Inc. 500 company, has charted its own course since it launched five years ago. Focused more on educating customers about quality products and brands, the goal was to become a trusted, safe, reliable resource for pet parents everywhere.

The company now has 30 million followers, 1.5 million email subscribers and 5 million readers. 

In addition every product sold gives back to shelters and rescues. 

Last year, iHeartDogs piloted its Pet Product Accelerator program with several product partnerships. One product, a popular toy that allows dogs to brush their own teeth, sold over 75,000 units.

“The smashing success of this and other product launches and told us we need to formalize this program,” says Palmer. 

Between now and the end of the year, iHeartDogs is looking to partner with 10 new brands for their Pet Product Accelerator program.

For brands that meet certain requirements, the program also includes $20,000 worth of advertising provided by the iHeartDogs blog and email newsletter, currently reaching over 5 million dog owners per month. 

To learn more or apply for the program, visit: https://iheartdogs.com/pet-product-accelerator/ 

About iHeartDogs
Veteran-owned and operated, iHeartDogs was founded in 2014 as a Facebook page inspired by a rescued Siberian Husky named Splash. Through customer purchases, iHeartDogs is able to fund millions of meals for shelter animals, provide hundreds of thousands of safe toys to shelters, and helps fund service and companion animals for veterans. iHeartDogs runs on the simple belief that every dog matters.