Injured turtle ‘scooting’ again, thanks to customized wheelchair

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(Walkin’ Pets press release) – Scoot Reeves, one very lucky Florida tortoise, has been given a second chance at life, thanks to his new custom wheelchair.

Injured by a front end loader, Scoot was left with his back legs paralyzed and his shell cracked. He was brought to Hillman Veterinary Clinic in rough shape.

The veterinarian was concerned for Scoot’s quality of life, but Vet Techs Sasha Corbett and Shannon Chavers knew there had to be a way to get Scoots back on his feet again.

Corbett is no stranger to working with handicapped animals. Her dog Rosalie was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that affects her motor movements and mobility. When Rosalie’s owner wanted to euthanize her, Sasha offered to adopt her, and contacted the Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation to get a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

Rosalie has been with Corbett ever since and has made some amazing strides.

“Both Scoot and Rosalie came into Hillman Clinic with the possibility they would be euthanized,” Corbett said. “Shannon and I have soft spots for the special babies and really advocated for both.”

Corbett tagged Jason Parker from Gunnar’s Wheels in a post about Scoot hoping that maybe he could help. Parker immediately contacted Walkin’ Pets.

Parker has partnered closely with Walkin’ Pets by for years, donating hundreds of wheelchairs to dogs and cats in need. The Walkin’ Pets team got right to work and made their first-ever specialized wheelchair for a tortoise.

Now Scoot is zipping around in his custom wheels. Walkin’ Pets and Gunnar’s Wheels will continue to work with Scoot throughout his recovery, and hope to be able to help future turtles and tortoises to regain their mobility.

Watch the video below to see Scoot Reeves Journey

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