Interior design and cats: Check out this kittykat door stopper!

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I  was in Kohl’s yesterday and came across these very cute doorstops in the shape of cats. The price (under $20) and the cute design of this product made me think other animal lovers would definitely appreciate knowing about this door stopper, especially if you tend to have various cat decorations incorporated into your room decor.

I bought one for myself. It’s well made and sturdy, so it definitely seems like a good way to keep a door in place. But, for some people — myself included — it might seem too cute to put on the floor, so it can also double as a room decoration or simply serve as a sweet — albeit somewhat heavy — stuffed animal.

cat door stop
Cat doorstops on the shelf at Kohl’s.

If you’re interested in buying one, you might want to check to see if they have it in stock at your Kohl’s. I found them at the Kohl’s in Greenville, North Carolina. There is an online link, which you can access by clicking here, but they currently seem to be out of stock online.


  1. Adorable and practical! The KittyKat doorstopper seamlessly combines functionality with a love for feline companions. A must-read for cat lovers with an eye for interior design.

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