Is this the most comfortable dog bed in the world? Pet product review

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My sister’s dog, Meadow, loves a good nap, but, since that was starting to involve a lot of sleeping on human furniture, my sister decided to look into possible dog beds.

dog sleeping on chair

You may know Meadow for this site’s regular “Meadow Chews Stuff Up” feature, but, today, it’s all about something Meadow seems to love too much to chew up — her new dog bed.

I was going to write a regular review of this dog bed, but, after seeing the pics my sister sent me, I decided this was definitely one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” situations and to mostly let the pics speak for themselves.

dog in cozy dog bed

dog in comfy dog bed

As can be seen, Meadow looks very comfy and the bed looks both soft and stylish. I’m pretty sure Meadow gives this two paws up.

If you’re interested in looking into one of these beds for your own dog or cat, you can find more information about the Original Donut Calming Dog Bed, 30 x 30, by doing a Google search or you can visit my Amazon affiliate link to this product at:

Who knows? You could end up with a calmer dog. Oh yeah, and get your furniture back in the process.


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