Is your dog a diva? Here are 10 fun products to help celebrate your pup’s pizzazz

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Yesterday we wrote about products for the diva cat. Today, we will be looking at what you can buy if your dog is a little bit or a whole lot of a diva. Once again, we scoured Amazon for clothes, toys, bed, and bowls for the fabulous canine in your life and we can’t wait to show you what we found!

1) If your dog is new or a diva in training, she might appreciate this First Diva Pet Tee.

This cute pink tee comes in x-small, small and mediu

For more information, visit:

2) Another Diva tee that caught our attention is this hot pink one embroidered with the word “diva” in silver.

And it’s available in a variety of sizes from x-small to 5 xl, so it will fit divas of all shapes and sizes.

For more, visit:

3) And because when it’s time to play, the diva dog doesn’t want to be caught chewing on just any old shoe, you might want to make sure you get your furry prince or princess this “Jimmy Chew” squeaky plush dog toy. (There are also Manolo Barkniks and other parody designer styles as well.)

More info is available at:

4) And, for walking or even just lounging and looking fabulous, the diva dog needs a little bling, of course. Our pick? This EXPAWLORER Rhinestone Dog Collar. 

The size is adjustable from 7-inch to 9-inch in length (1/2-inch width), so it’s only available for the smaller diva. For more, go to:

5) Fear not though. If you dog is a little bigger but still wants to be a standout on walks, this Jim Hugh Bling Rhinestone Dog Harness comes in Small, Medium and Large. It also comes in black, purple and yellow.

You can find more information about the harness by clicking here.

6) And to top it all off, check out this Big Pup Pet Fashion Silver Glitter and Rhinestone Fancy, Blingy Dog Leash, 5 Foot Leash.

For more about this leash, go to:

7) When it comes to dog beds for the stylish or persnickety pup, we had a hard time narrowing it down because there are so many great options. We tried to find ones that were unique but still reasonably priced (you might, like us, have a diva dog on a non-diva budget) and ones that got good reviews.

Our first is: The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler, which comes in multiple sizes.

Your dog will likely never think life is “ruff” while sleeping on this furry, comfortable, doughtnut-shaped bed.

For more, click here.

8) This Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Sofa/Dog Bed comes in cream and is designed for dogs up to 30 pounds.

Besides being designed to look like actual furniture, it also posts a storage pocket for toys and bones, and a removable/washable cover.

Please click here, for more information.

9) Although you might caught him or her picking up a piece of dropped food from time to time, no diva dog truly wants to eat off the floor. That’s one reason we recommend BestVida Elevated Dog Bowls for large dogs. Another reason we like it is because it comes with four  stainless steel bowls. And, also, it’s  a pretty design, likely to please even the hardest to please diva dog.

For more about these elevated dog bowls, click here.

10) For smaller or medium dogs, we like this white Best Modern Pet Feeder (also with stainless steel bowls).

According to the product description: “The feeders are designed in a simplistic modern style providing a soft touch to any room.”

To find out more about this pet feeder, click here.

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