Podcast looks at stories of healing through animal assisted interventions and therapy

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A new weekly podcast, The Animal Effect, shines light on the benefits of animal-assisted therapy.

Hosted by licensed mental health professional Prairie Conlon, the podcast, which airs on Mental Health News Radio and all podcast streaming platforms, takes a holistic approach to mental health treatment through the power of healing with animal therapy.

“More people are seeking out and using holistic and natural ways to improve wellbeing, and animal assisted interventions and therapy are emerging as an incredibly effective resource,”  Conlon stated.

The Animal Effect has welcomed guests from diverse backgrounds, including a domestic violence survivor who found solace in her pet horse, as well as representatives from a rescue shelter that places animals in loving homes.

Conlon, who received a master’s degree in mental health counseling, and a postgraduate degree in military behavioral health counseling, is the founder, developer and lead researcher of Emotional Support Animal Assisted Therapy, a set of techniques used to decrease anxiety, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, and sleep difficulties with the use of an Emotional Support Animal. She is certified as an equine-assisted psychotherapist and the clinical director of CertaPet.

In addition to these distinguished credits, Conlon has been featured on Lifetime TV’s “Military Makeover” and The Guardian documentary “Creature Comforts.”

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