Like to sketch your cat? Here’s a fun link to try

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If you like to sketch you cats and you also like playing around with new technology, this quick and free online application might be just right for you!

Edges2cats created by Christopher Hesse converts quick sketches of your cats into pictures.

As Hesse notes on the website, some of the creations come out a little “creepy,” since they eyes don’t always come out quite right and the auto edges don’t always auto detect correctly. But, as as it turns out, that’s part of the fun. You never know exactly what you’re going to get after entering your cat sketch.

Some are, indeed, creepy. Some are pretty cute. And some are downright hilarious.

Here’s one of our best tries:

furry cat created on sketch site

This was our second runner up:

yet another edges2cats cat sketch to photo

Here’s one that didn’t turn out so well. And, yes, we found it a little creepy, although maybe kind of a·vant-garde:

We liked the face and body on this one, but it came out with a little something extra on its back:

edges 2 cat creation

So, if this all sounds intriguing, give it a try. Or two, or twenty… And definitely feel free to share your best results with us!


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