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I recently created this orange guy after I had a vision of him in my head. He reminds me of all wonderful orange cats, including Jingles, a cat I adopted a few years ago who lives with my son now.

Jingles, pretending he is a pitball dispenser.

In my mind’s eye, for no particular reason, I envisioned a pleasantly plump orange cat lounging in a window and I decided to see if I could draw him digitally. He came out pretty good, so I first put him in front of a beach background. I liked that and then I decided to create a Matisse-like background for him.

Orange cat digital art

He’s available on fineartamerica.com as an art print, poster, pillow, mug, t-shirt and more, but I think he looks the coolest as a duvet cover.


He’s not alone there either. A number of my other digital kitties are on display at the followwing link if you want to check them out: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/barbara-bullington


Wow my pet did that artwork now available on fineartamerica.com

Cats’ first date artwork

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