Lost: Three peacocks in Beulaville, North Carolina

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So, sadly, our three beautiful peacocks — Trent, Sweet Pea and Melody — are currently missing. Below is the last picture taken of them before they disappeared:

Sweet Pea, Melody and Trent


We moved them approximately three weeks ago from where we live in North Carolina to a friend’s cabin that is on 50 acres, away from busy roads, and surrounded by woods. It also has two large ponds with fish.

So, it seemed like the ideal place for the peacocks to go now that they are older and since we only have three acres ourselves.

Last weekend, the person taking care of them, let them out of the large horse trailer they were staying in so they could get a look around. We didn’t realize that he was just going to go off and leave them until we got a message from him on Sunday night saying he hadn’t seen the peacocks since the day before when he let them out.

We also didn’t realize that the person whose land we were leaving them on was going to be no help whatsoever in the event that they disappeared. Anyway, on Tuesday, we went to take a look and see if we could find them ourselves, but we didn’t have any luck. The area that isn’t open field around the cabin is all very thick woods, except for some small hog farms and a couple other cabins about a half mile away in either direction, so it would be very hard to spot them if they are in the woods. We are about two hours drive away, and working every day, so we are feeling kind of helpless to get there and look as much as we want to.

We are hoping they turn up. But, if anyone finds three peacocks in Beulaville, North Carolina, we would love to know about it. We have been pretty worried sick about this because we have raised these guys since they were babies.

You can contact us at bullingtonb2017@gmail.com.

peacock and peahen

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