Meadow takes on ‘reinforced chew defense fabric’ toy

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So, we’re starting a new section for our site called Meadow Chews Stuff Up.

Why? Because, like many young pups with lots of energy, Meadow is a champion chewer who can go through supposedly long lasting bones/toys, so we thought she would be a good product tester.

Whenever she tries out a new chew toy, we’ll let you know how well it stood the Meadow test.

Our first product is this “Reinforced Chew Defense Fabric” wolf from Home Depot.


As you can see, it was a really cute toy and Meadow was instantly drawn to it.

Wolf dog chew toys

Dog chewing chew toy

So how did it fare? In spite of the Chew Defense fabric, within about 15 minutes, Meadow had the wolf turned inside out.

Chewed up chew toy

Have a suggestion for a great chew toy that you think can give Meadow a run for her money? Let us know!


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