Meadow versus the bacon Benebones

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I’m excited to report on this latest “episode” of Meadow Chews Stuff Up, which follows the continuing adventures of my sister’s dog, Meadow, taking on all kinds of durable chew toys.

One look at this two-pack of Benebone bacon chew toys should help show why I’m excited. I mean, this toy looks crazy tough.


On the other hand, as this site has proven through multiple past “Meadow Chews Stuff Up” posts, Meadow is no lightweight when it comes to toys.

Dog chewing toy
Meadow is always happy to help with a chew toy test.

And she hasn’t been defeated before.

Also making things interesting is the time taken to test these two bones. In most of the past tests, Meadow managed to chew up the contestants in minutes or hours.

These took a little longer. In fact, here they are after a year!

Easy to grip wishbone and dental chew with teeth-cleaning ridges with chew marks.
Easy to grip wishbone and dental chew with teeth-cleaning ridges.
Benebone dental chew
Benebone with dental cleaning ridges.

These toys have held up impressively well, giving Meadow a serious run for her money. As you can see from the teeth marks in the above photos, these two toys have been great for Meadow to play with and chew on but really don’t show a lot of wear and tear.

Congratulations Benebone — we’re giving you the win on this one!

As for Meadow, she’s off to take a nap.

dog taking nap
Dreaming of new chew toys.


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