Meet our pets!

cat with tongue out
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Many “Wow my pet did That!” posts feature some of our own pets, including:


Hermione is a multicolored tabby who enjoys stuffed animals and sticking her tongue out. Hermione hails from Holbrook, New York. She has a sister named Bonus, who is a also a rescue kitty but much more camera shy.


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Miley was adopted from the Nash County Animal shelter in 2012. She enjoys long walks in the park, long naps on the couch, and sticking out her tongue (we think we’re sensing a trend here). She hopes the joie de vi¬∑vre she displays in some of these pictures will inspire you to take your doggie for a romp in the park.

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We’ve said it before…we have no idea what kind of dog Scooby is but we do know he lives to take walks, making all kinds of weird vocalizations as soon as he sees the leash.

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