Mirage Pet Products has accurately predicted the next president from doggy t-shirt sales since 2008

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It looks like the presidential running race is going to the dogs.

Every election, millions are spent polling Americans to predict the future president but there’s one sure way that’s far less expensive and perhaps more accurate: Look at who man’s best friend is supporting during election time.

“We’ve been manufacturing popular dog election T-shirts and other gear since 2008 and we’ve been able to accurately predict the next president every time,” said Mirage Pet Products owner Stephanie Davis.

Besides pet apparael, including election T-shirts, Mirage Pet Products manufactures about 100,000 original products such as dog and cat collars, leashes and toys. They sell to stores on every continent except Antarctica. The family-owned American business has been operating for six generations, and all political dog products are made in the U.S.

Owners can get their pooches ready for this political season with doggy ties, toys, T-shirts, bandanas, harnesses, collars, and even dresses supporting either Biden, Trump, the Democrats, or the Republican party.

Red Trump dress
Red Trump 2020 Dress for pets

Davies said the company is also working to help support animal-related and othr organizations that have lost out on important funding opportunities because of COVID.

“We’re doing more sponsorships during COVID,” said Davies. “We’re working on conservation projects and recently sponsored three cheetahs in South Africa.”

For more information, visit Mirage Pet Products.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/since-2008-mirage-pet-products-has-accurately-predicted-the-next-president-from-doggy-t-shirt-sales-301123581.html



  1. It is. It will be interesting to see if their sales predict the next president yet again this year.

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