Free cat care and fashion paper doll kit

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Since our site often looks at pet care, we thought that creating a paper doll set for kids could be a great way to help them learn about caring for cats and other pets.

So, we made a free, printable paper doll cat with brush, toys, collar, food, bowls, tent bed, scratching post, litter box/litter, harness and leash, treat jar and carrier.

The photos shown below are low quality for quicker download, but you can click here to download high quality versions of all photo files below for printing. After they are printed, they can be cut out by kids or parents can help them: paper doll cat care kit highquality

We also have created this young woman below to provide care and be a friend for the kitty (or kitties if you print off more than one). And, one of her outfits (like many of the clothes we plan to make for her in the future) is designed to show off her love of felines.

paper doll girl withoutfits

And, there is a harness and leash combination, as well as a carrier, so the kitty and friend can go on adventures.

For even more fun, check out our Wow My Pet Did That paper doll dog care set, click here.


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