More free pet apps you have to try!

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We previously brought you Five Great Free Pet Apps that You Have to Try!

Since then, we have been on the lookout for more apps that are free (at least to start with) and that offer an interesting or helpful user experience.

Here’s what we found:


Do you have the cutest pet? Well, of course you do. We all do. LOL. But this app lets you upload photos to various contests and then those photos are voted on in “Face offs” by app users.

You can also comment on other users’ pet photos — and their are a seemingly infinite number of cute photos to comment on!

You can win tickets when your pet places in the leaderboard and through various other efforts, such as when a friend you email joins and votes.

When you accumulate enough tickets, you can start to “shop” for a variety of pet-related prizes, such as a personalized pet leash, a pet booster car sign, and a pet urine and stain detector.

We entered a bunch of our pets and we love the app, but we will say, we don’t mind winning or losing, as we kind of feel guilty when we do win since those little faces that lost are so damn precious. Apparently, we aren’t very competitive. But you can see what we mean about precious. Below is Blue, one of our chickens, in one of the contest “Face offs.”

Screenshot from Pet Parade app

2)Jolly Dog

This app is actually a game for your dog, although we think cats would like it too. It has a fairly simple look — just a basic background with a small critter, such as a mouse that runs across the screen.

The dog is supposed to “catch” the critter for points.

We showed the app to each of our dogs. Maggie, our spitz mix, had no interest and looked at us as if we had dropped our cellphone on the floor and needed to move it away from where she was sleeping. Terra, our chihuahua, started shaking. Our pit mix ignored it.

But, and this is the reason we are recommending the app, our hound mix Scooby, was super interested in the mouse sounds when the mouse ran across the screen. We have the feeling he would have chewed up our cellphone if left alone with it. But, it was worth a good laugh to watch Scooby turning his head side to side and tracking the tiny mouse on the screen — even if he wasn’t coordinated enough to figure out how to catch it.

We think this could be a fun app to try out with your own cat or dog. We will also keep it on our phone in case we need to distract Scooby or get his attention.

3) Cat Sticky Memo Notepad Lite

This app is a great cat-themed way to add a “sticky note,” to your website. Just download the app and follow the brief instructions for how to use it. Then, you’re ready to use the sticky notes to create either text or voice-activated to text reminders to self that “stick” right on your cellphone home screen—complete with a cute cat to help decorate your words.

It should be relatively simple to use, but, in the event of difficulties, support for the app seems to be very good based on feedback and comments on the sites reviews.

ScreenshotScreenshot showing Cat Sticky Memo Notepad Lite on phone

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