Music to console those who have lost a beloved pet

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Losing a pet can be awful. For some, it take lots of time to cope with, and, for many, although the pain goes away, the wish to be reunited with the animal who meant so much never really does.

Most pet owners have been there at least once.

So, how do you deal with it?

When recording artist John Scargall lost a pet, he decided to write a song as a tribute to help him cope.

Now, that song might help others cope as well.

The recently released “Send My Fur Angel,”song and music video, which can be viewed below, was inspired by the recent passing of Scargall’s family dog, Tobey.


As can be seen, the music video, which seems as if it will be cathartic and easy to relate to for many (perhaps providing a good cry, and, ultimately, evoking fond memories for those who have lost a pet), takes the viewer on a animated journey as a man copes with the loss of his beloved dog. In the end, he reunites with his dog in heaven.

Tobey passed away just three days before Scargall and his wife, Rebecca, were married last year.

“We were devastated,” Scargall said in a press release. “We dated for 12 years and Tobey was there from the beginning, so to have him pass just before our wedding was heartbreaking.”

After experiencing the grieving process, Scargall decided that a song he had written in the past should be shared with others and also developed into a video as a tribute to Tobey.

“I actually wrote Send My Fur Angel a few years ago but I never recorded it. But after going through this, I knew I had to bring this song to the world, for Tobey, and for everyone who’s ever loved and lost a pet.”

Proceeds to benefit animals and humans:

Proceeds from the digital sales and streams of “Send My Fur Angel” will be donated to the non-profit PACT for Animals, an organization that helps US soldiers who are deploying overseas to keep their pets by providing them with foster homes until they return.

For more information, visit John Scargall’s website.

Featured photo: John Scargall (right), his wife Rebecca (left), and cardboard cutouts of their dogs Penny (left) and Dexter (right) at their wedding last year. Tobey’s collar is around Dexter’s cutout’s neck.


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