New business, new dog: How to plan ahead for pet adoption when you’re also running a business

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by guest author Penny Martin

If you’ve recently launched a new business and plan to welcome a new pet into the family, you may have concerns about being able to handle both responsibilities simultaneously. It’s wise to weigh the decision carefully.

The key to success is spending the time to research and create strategies. Most likely, you’ve already created a business plan, so you will likely appreciate the value of devising a “pet plan” as well.

Ask Some Important Questions

Depending on where you are in the decision-making process, it’s worth asking yourself — and your family — the important questions, such as:

  • What are the pros and cons of getting a dog?
  • What challenges will most likely arise? Remember to take time, energy, convenience, and financial factors into account.
  • How will you divide up caretaking responsibilities?
  • Would a puppy or adult dog work better for your family? If you decide on a puppy, how will you handle housebreaking during work hours?
  • Who will look after your dog when your business requires your full attention?

Choose the Right Breed or Mixed-Breed for Your Situation

One consideration many people forget to take into account is how much exercise their dog will require. Some breeds or mixes of breeds have high energy levels and need more exercise to be happy and healthy.

If you and your family are active and can give a dog plenty of outside play time and walks, any type of dog may work for you.

dogs in pond
sleeping dog
Are you looking for a rambunctious pup or a snuggly couch potato?

However, if you ultimately want a dog that will lounge in your office while you work, choose a breed that is a natural couch potato, like an English bulldog.

Decide Where the Dog Will Stay During Work Hours

The breed and age of the dog will dictate the best place for them to be. A puppy, like a baby, needs supervision, playtime, a quiet place to nap, and potty training throughout the day, which may prove challenging if you are trying to focus on your new business.

The same is true for an active adult dog that requires a lot of exercise — it will likely get into trouble if it has pent-up energy and becomes bored. As long as you have someone else at home to care for the dog while you’re at work, it shouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise, consider adopting a mellow or senior dog that will be happy to hang out with you in your office.

dog chewing nerf dog toy
Decide where pup will stay where you are working and how he or she will keep busy.

Tackle Business Housekeeping To-dos

When you launch a new business, there are often items that seem like they can take a backseat while you focus on the more fun stuff. But this can become problematic down the road, especially when it comes to tax time, obtaining a business loan and even hiring employees.

So that you can set your business up for success and give your pet the attention they need, cross off tasks you’ve been delaying. For example, go ahead and file your business with the state. If you’ve put this off to avoid appointments with a lawyer, guess what? You can quickly handle this through an online service!

Some services even offer the whole package like operating agreement templates, getting an EIN, and more. You can check out information here to wrap this up right away. In addition to formalizing your business, look to software additions that enhance productivity and efficiency, as well as automations. By tackling important details before you bring home a dog, you’ll be able to knock out tedious to-dos and free up time to spend with your new friend.

Getting a new dog while starting a new business is bound to have its challenges, but with planning and some research, those challenges should be short-lived, and then you can reap the rewards of having a new family member.


  1. I wish to be able to adopt a dog but unfortunately with my working schedule, out from early morning to late evening, I’ve postponed it…hopefully that day will come soon 😉

    • It’s a good idea to postpone until you’re able to spend more time with pup, but, like you said, hopefully that day will come soon! I think a lucky dog out there would be VERY happy with you. 🙂

    • Definitely. I think, although there are some exceptions with unexpected adoptions, the more prepared, the happier the people and pet(s).

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