New documentary shows rare footage of anti-poaching dog’s journey to protect rhinos

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Dogs 4 Wildlife and Tigzozo Media have released a new documentary film, ‘The rise of Shinga,’ showing rare footage of an anti-poaching dog’s journey from Wales to saving endangered wildlife in Zimbabwe.

According to a press release, the new documentary film shares the story of Shinga the dog’s journey to Imire Rhino and Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe as a special collaboration between Tigzozo Media, Dogs 4 Wildlife, Pro Dog Raw, and Imire, Zimbabwe.

The film follows Belgian Malinois Shinga’s journey from Wales in the UK to Zimbabwe, Africa.  The film gives insight into Shinga’s new life in Zimbabwe and the reality of the ongoing poaching epidemic across Southern Africa.

The film is brief — 9-minutes — but shows Shinga fitting in with her new team at Imire, joining 3-year-old dog Murwi at the reserve.

Imire Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary, Wedza, Zimbabwe is 4,500 hectares of diverse wildlife, including black and white rhinos, elephants and buffalo. The reserve focuses on community- and educationally-led conservation, supporting the wider population of the ‘Shona’ people, one of the main tribes in Zimbabwe. Murwi in the Shona language means ‘Warrior’ and Shinga is Shona for ‘Brave’

Last year, a total of 451 rhinos were poached in South Africa. 327 within government reserves and 124 on private property. Anti-poaching dogs help reduce incidents of poaching by as much as 75%.

Darren Priddle, Co-Founder, and Director of Dogs 4 Wildlife, said in the press release: “Shinga is such an incredible dog, and is already proving to be such an asset to Imire’s ongoing conservation efforts.

Fellow Director Jacqui Law added: “Deploying Shinga to work alongside Murwi at Imire was such a special moment, they will make a formidable team.

Tigzozo Media, which shot the documentary film is owned by Kudzai Tinago who lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. Kudzai shot the entire film on his own with his camera equipment following the team and Shinga around for her first few days of deployment. He did all of his work for free to help support the efforts of Dogs 4 Wildlife.

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 Featured image caption: Not for Profit organisation, Dogs 4 Wildlife have released a powerful new documentary film,  sharing the story of Anti-poaching dog Shinga’s journey to Imire Rhino and Wildlife Reserve in Zimbabwe




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